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What is BCAA?

BCAAs or  Branched chain amino acids, are considered essential amino acids. It consists of 3 separate essential amino acids–leucine, isoleucine, and valine, which are called branched-chain due to their molecular structure.

The body cannot produce essential amino acids, so it is essential to get them through food supplements and to be present in our diet. In humans, BCAAs make up 35% of essential amino acids found in proteins and 40% of the total amino acids needed by the human body. Milk, dairy products, soy, and red meat is the greatest source of BCAAs.

Effect of use and improvement of training

When we ingest amino acids, they first come to the liver, where the liver immediately breaks them down and uses them as “fuel.” If there is no other source of energy available, amino acids cannot be used for building muscles, because it uses them for energy production (the liver makes the difference).

The free form of BCAA bypasses the liver and goes directly into the bloodstream as we want. Since there are no obstacles for it to reach the bloodstream, it reaches it quickly it goes further to the muscles. Thanks to that, during training, BCAAs provide energy to the muscles, and after training, during rest, they build muscle cells.

A study by the Astrand laboratory from Sweden confirmed the effectiveness of BCAAs for combating muscle fatigue during strenuous exercises. Not only do they provide bodybuilding benefits, but they also help athletes’ endurance sports.

Those few seconds more on the treadmill or let’s say an extra rep in the tub being completely exhausted is what contributes the most to positive change. In addition, to increasing the effect of training, they have been shown to reduce muscle pain and aid rapid recovery.

In general, all the benefits of BCAA are related to the amino acid leucine because it is the most effective. Leucine plays a key role in the development of muscle cells and is also capable of increasing the level of insulin it stimulates protein production. It also stimulates the production of growth hormones.

Therefore, the logical question is why should we consume all three BCAAs, when leucine is the main carrier of their positive trait. The answer is that if we take leucine alone, the concentrations of the other two can be reduced by amino acids. And it has been proven that the best results in protein synthesis are achieved when the ratio is leucine: isoleucine: valine = 2:1:1. In addition, isoleucine improves glucose tolerance.

Although research has shown that muscles can make better use of “intact” leucine (the type of leucine we find in whey protein) than leucine in free form (the one found in BCAA). This research suggests that it would protein should ensure greater protein synthesis than BCAA.

BCAA also affects the functioning of another hormone – cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone, which suppresses testosterone and growth hormone breakdown. BCAA lowers it.

When and how much during the day to use BCAA?

It is important as soon as we get up to take 10g (applies to advanced practitioners and competitors). It is important because, after night fasting, it prevents muscle breakdown and provides energy. Then 10g before training will provide energy, 10g after training which will restore the muscle, prevent catabolism, and in the evening, before going to bed, 10g to prevent muscle breakdown and reduce hunger.

For beginners and recreational players, 5-10g of BCAA before and after training is sufficient. It is important to know that supplements are only a modest contribution to the basics – well-formulated training and a quality and balanced diet!


It is important to know that supplements are only a modest contribution to the basics – well-formulated training and a quality and balanced diet! BCAA without training and without other essential amino acids is not worth nothing! BCAA is there as a supplement to a certain daily intake of proteins or amino acids!

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